Proven Activities


Physical Activities

Our motto is active lives, active minds.  Physical fitness is important at any age. Our goal is healthy seniors. Exercise can help with balance, flexibility of our muscles. Most importantly it has been proven that exercise slows the progression of Dementia.

Mentally Stimulating Activities

Something as simple as card games or Chess can stimulate their minds. Perusing photo albums often bring back memories. Karaoke is another great activity.  Not only is the music great, but many seniors remember the words to some of their favorite songs.

Demonstrating Their Value

It has been proven that an essential part of delaying the mental decline is making your love one feel valued or needed.  Asking your loved one for help washing dishes to folding clothes makes them feel less of a burden.

Activities Offered

Weekly Entertainment

A live band, Tributes to major figures in different eras.  Clients should expect a  music appreciation event, artist or songs from different eras. 

Learning Center

Clients are offered an array of classes to learn new things.  Computer classes are held weekly.  A variety of arts and crafts courses from painting, pottery, to quilt making. We open every day with a history lesson.  Remember When


Volunteers of all ages engage in activities with our members. Visitors from local senior centers help our members reminisce and young volunteers teach them something new. 

Exercises for healthy seniors

Yoga, Zumba, Chair Exercises, Strengthening and Toning. Check out our exercise area on our YouTube page.


Restaurants, Bowling, Visits to local schools and senior centers in the Somerset County and Union County.

Monthly Events

Monthly Birthday Party.  Cultural celebrations.  Community Outreach, Pet Therapy 

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